The Cat is Dead

Every particle in the universe has a set of probabilities – every one of these probabilities is a timeline and every particle experiences every possibility in these alternate timelines. This is where the extra dimensions of time live (not the macro scale as science-fiction has us believe).

When particles become entangled with one another, their sets of probabilities intersect. As their sets intersect, most probabilities become very unlikely, while some grow in likelihood. As all the particles in a system entangle, their combined set of probabilities boil down to 1. That single timeline is reality – what we observe.

Observation doesn’t require a conscious observer – only an observer. Every entangled particle is an observer of the particles it is entangled with.

The cat is dead and the tree did make a noise. This is part of the link between the quantum and astronomical realms.

Check out Quantum Darwinism. Those guys got it right! I just heard about Quantum Darwinism last week, read the article, and smiled.

Quantum Darwinism

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