What did you expect?

When searching for God, did you expect it to be magical? Did you expect a man in white robes atop a thunder cloud?

When in your life have you seen anything that defied the laws of the universe? Yet you expect God to do this? To break the same rules it set in place with no proof they have been broken before?

Were you told stories? Did you believe their words because some one from before your time made them up? Is that why you expect it to be magical? Do you still?

We all search for evidence. But the evidence is all around us. The evidence is clear as space. Remove yourself from the box and look down. The rules are the evidence!

Of course out of chaos comes order. How? Patterns drive creation. The golden ratio. Fibonacci. Any number system. All patterns that lead to DNA, Crystals, and Galaxies. These are all order and they all appear in patterns. They needn’t exist, but they do. Why?

God is here, all around you, like space. The evidence is clear – that’s why it’s so hard to see. Embrace science and find solace in the beauty of a plan so infinitely large you can only begin to comprehend.

Copyright © 2019 Nathan Washor, All rights reserved